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April 11, 2005
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The love inside my heart grows each day,
It flourishes and blossoms,
Nothing could ever change this,
you are my one true match.

At night I dream of you,
I dream of us together,
Holding eachother close,
Kissing you all over.

I count the days till we are together,
My heart smiles with each passing day,
I know each day I'm closer to you,
My excitement is barely contained.

I know the second I see you,
I will run to you and pounce you,
Attack you with endless kisses,
Never leaving your embrace.

Oh Lee, I am so in love with you,
I smile each time I think of you,
I worry if we do not speak each day,
I am so happy we found eachother.

I am so in love with you.
I was lying in bed last night thinking about how much i am in love and well i got out of my writers block slum and wrote this poem.

I Love you Lee!

Dedicated as always to my amazinly wonderful, greatest b/f in the whole wide world
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I hate romeo and Juliet. :P what a lame couple to pick at the icon of love.... I wonder, myself, if Shakespeare was not making an ironic comment about star crossed lovers no one picked up on but me. the characters are so shallow and the whole thing is a tragic (haha) failure.... why has pop culture named romeo and Juliet as the idealistic, inspiring, icon of true love?
i wish u luck in metting ur lover u sound soo happy
myheartyoung May 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
very, very sweet :meow:
myheartyoung Jun 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome ;p
Supreme24 Jul 6, 2008  Student General Artist
Beautiful poem :)

the line I personally like "I count the days till we are together,".... :) but the whole poem is just wonderful :)
This was so sweet =) Thank you for posting it
This was so sweet =) I really like it
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